Terms of Use

Please note:

All vintage ephemera on this blog is from my own private collection or other copyright-free sources, and for private use (PU) and commercial use (S4O, S4H, CU) with the following restrictions:

  • DO use items freely in your artwork, including art made for sale, providing they are altered in some way (not just by digitally changing the colour or the size).
  • DO use my vintage images to make cards, hybrid scrapbook pages, calendars etc, physically (by hand) and sell these at craft fairs, on Etsy etc with my blessing.
  • DO use elements digitally for personal or commercial products, including the creation of blog or web backgrounds, headers etc, as long as they are your own ORIGINAL designs, as part of a COMPLETE FINISHED DESIGN, and FLATTENED into a final image.
  • DO mix digital items from this blog with other digital items obtained elsewhere, to make your own ORIGINAL artwork - again, as flattened final pieces, eg: Quick Pages, which may be offered for sale alone or as part of a scrapbook kit, online etc. Attribution would be nice but is not compulsory. I'd also love to see what you do!
  • DON'T pass off anything from this site as being your own work etc.
  • DON'T re-sell anything from this site in its original form (unaltered, just as is) whether in commercial CD or DVD collections, as collage sheets etc.
  • DON'T simply assemble a group of items from this blog and sell on as a scrapbook kit- because it isn't, unless you've added a lot of your own work as well, altered the items in some way etc etc.
  • DON'T reproduce or redistribute unaltered items from this blog - whether for free or for sale (this counts as passing my stuff off as your own work - which it isn't).
Attribution would be nice, but isn't compulsory.

However: all artwork, photography and text is copyright and the intellectual property of the artist (ie: myself) with all rights reserved, and therefore may not be used or reproduced in any way without permission.

In other words, if you want to copy or use something, and are not sure it's covered by the terms listed above, please contact me for clarification.