Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sheet music

This one is very old - no date, but I'd just around 1900s
I'd say this is dated around 1920s-30s, as far as I can judge
1890s, and the first sheet of music is on the reverse (below)
Unusual, in that this sheet music is in a landscape layout


  1. Gorgeous! I was looking for something to frame for my mothers piano room. These pieced all together in a collage should be perfect,
    You're beautiful blogs are always so inspirational, filled with unusual graphics, information and tutorials. I love coming here.
    Thanks Susie, hope you are doing well.
    xox Celia

    1. Thanks so much Celia! Yes, doing fine, and so glad you've found something you can use. I'd love to see a photo when you've finished! (And post it, maybe???)

      And thanks for the compliments, I'm trying, lol lol lol

      Hugs etc

  2. Lovely pieces, Susie. I've been to this site before and even have one of your badges on my blog. Now I have a face connected to it. Makes life more interesting.
    Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

  3. Thank u, these are wonderful .

  4. Lovely pictures!! I have been in search of sheet music in landscape for a while now. I have plans to enlarge it and frame it above my bed. Do you by chance have a higher resolution image?

    1. So glad you like them. Unfortunately, I no longer have that piece of sheet music, as I collaged it onto a storage unit (since sold, over a year ago). Really sorry about that - but if you use a graphics package to sharpen the image, it might just help? Good luck!


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