Sunday, 24 June 2012


I've upcycled this book into a handmade journal - and am using the covers exactly as they are (although I may change the title). It's sewn over tapes, which is what you can see here (slits in the cover). I'll be adding more illustrations as I scan them.


I was rather horrified by these at first - this could totally traumatise a small child - then remembered they can be little savages, so will probably love them!

These are completely un-retouched, scanned at 300dpi. Right-click to bring up to full size, then left-click to save to your computer.
  • You CAN do as you like with them, create items for sale etc
  • You CAN NOT include for sale in image collections, collage sheets, make rubber stamps or brushes


  1. THANK YOU...these are awesome! blest be :)

  2. Holy smokes... this is an especially grim one, isn't it? Talk about not being able to judge a book by its cover. One look at the cherubic little girl and the cute puppies and you'd never suspect that death was the theme of the story.

    But I do like the last image of the last hapless squirrel being carted off by crows. Very fitting. Thanks!

  3. Yes! I'm so glad I found your blog.. thank you so much for commenting on mine from Beverly's Pink Saturday. I will spend the morning tomorrow reading through your posts. I love vintage books :) You have a new follower for sure. ~Alicia♥

  4. I scrolled through your freebies just to see - lots of neat things - the animal tales remind me of how traumatic some tales can be - you got me on your sentiments though.

    Enjoyed peeking about the freebies page - very unique items with tons of possibility. Great work.

    Love the sidebar background on this page too! One of these days I'll figure out how to do digital images this way (where they "pin" and "overlap" on the blog.)

    Thanks! Jenn

  5. These are just great!! Thank you!

  6. Hi Susie, I'm still in silence for a long time, but I can not tell you how much I thank you for your work and generosity to share these images with those we love to this estilo.Te wish you a very good year, greetings from Spain.
    If I may I link you to my blog, I am a big fan.

  7. Wonderful paintings....keep it up

  8. Hi Susie, Adore your work and all your freebies as well! Merci!!!! I am new following you today, and will be stopping in to see your latest! Pam


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