Sunday, 6 May 2012


Here's a fabulous bodice-ripper, full of deathless prose, lol. Great cover, date around 1950s/early 1960s (pre-decimal currency anyway).

The book cost 6 shillings, which works out to around 35p in today's currency - for a hardback! How times have changed, lol.

I've also included the spine as these are great for bookmarks, and edging detail in journals.

Here's the inner cover plus end flaps - the blurb could be great for jouralling!

Finally, the centre cut out, so you have this as a texture - or a great start for a background where you need the crease for the spine. Print out a pile of these, join at the spine for an instant book!

All of these are at 300dpi, unretouched.... have fun!


  1. Love these!! Thank you Susie! Hope you're enjoying the weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. When I saw that picture and title, it struck a memory from long ago when I was a child 1950's or maybe early 1960's. Then I scrolled down and read the jacket I knew for sure I have read this book, My grandmother had it. Wow My grandmother also introduced me to Rebecca and Frenchman's Creek, 9 Coaches Waiting and a glorious stack of great authors. Oh yeah it was a good story.

    1. Got to say I wasn't able to read the book! Someone brought it along for one of my altered book classes, and I managed to talk her into giving me the cover. I would love to have read it, I image it would have been full of torrid romance, breathless sighs, cliff hangers at the end of every chapter... in other words, a lot of fun. Sigh.


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