Saturday, 7 April 2012


Copyright Susie Jefferson
I used a copyright-free frame I found online, then a bit of photoshop magic to create this digital ATC. The elements used are also copyright-free and/or commercial use. I've added a plaid overlay, layered in a vintage advert, popped a photo on top and gone in with some stitching etc.  If you'd like to use it, please do! Could be fun on a menu page etc.

JPEG IMAGE - Not my copyright - I found this online.
Here's the original - I found this old frame on one of the copyright free sites - and don't know who to credit it to - so if it's yours, please tell me so that I can add the correct copyright information.

PNG - transparent centre
PNG image, white centre
PNG - black centre

I've photoshopped these frames for you: a png with a transparent background and centre, so you can add any image you like. Two other pngs, one with a white centre and one with a black one, so you can layer in any graphics programme.

Copyright Susie Jefferson
And another digital ATC - again, use it if you'd like to.

Much fun!


  1. Love them both, Susie, but I especially LOVE the little doggie chef!! I would love to use them in the cook books I'm making! Thanks for sharing them, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. You too, Tina! Have fun with it - and I'd love to see a pic of your finished books.


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