Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Some new freebies for you, from my personal collection.

Photo copyright Susie Jefferson
This used to be the Red Pump Garage - and is now a very chichi interior design shop in Great Missenden, UK
Photo copyright Susie Jefferson
The sign on the door says the garage stopped selling petrol when it went up to £1 per gallon... it's now £1.40 per litre (You'll have to work it out yourself - it SOUNDS expensive!)
Photo copyright Susie Jefferson
Outside Earls Court tube station, London Doesn't the police box look exactly like the one used in Dr Who! (Victorian original)
Photo copyright Susie Jefferson
Closeup, slightly different view of that Tardis

As always, left-click to open to the full sized image, and right-click to copy to your computer. Personal use only (that means no collage collections of any type, no brushes, no rubber stamps etc). If in doubt, please email me.

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