Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Some old adverts (my own collection):


  1. What an awesome collection! Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much! I chosen the "Every Room in the House picture mostly cause the bathroom scene brought back memories at how my grandmother bathroom used to looked which looks almost like this picture here! Totally blew me away when I seen this picture here. My Grandmother had passed away in 1972 at age 99.

  3. Rosy - 99 is a grand old age - but I bet you still miss her!

    It certainly shows how times have changed (my grandmother still had an outside loo, brick built - it was freezing cold and very scary...)

  4. What an awesome collection!!
    I adore vintage stuff and I'm really happy I came across your site by accident.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    P.S. I would love if we would follow one another.

  5. Hi what are the legal issues of using old advertising? I have many old magazines that I have cut out old ads,can I use them on my blog as long as I don't sell them???

  6. CINDY - Copyright is always a thorny issue. The standard rules are that anything 75 years or older is deemed out of copyright, and therefore OK to use... BUT... if it's something like a famous brand, star, author etc, then the copyright might be retained by the company, family etc.

    For example, you can never ever use anything Walt Disney unless you have a licence.

    Pictures of old movie stars: if it's a postcard or actual photograph, or you took the picture yourself, then it's OK - but culling it from a magazine and producing it as a collage sheet isn't necessarily OK, as the magazine would own the copyright, and so would the photographer as well as the family of the star in question.

    Something like these old newspaper adverts you are pretty much OK with - just make sure they are at least 75 years old. Also, very often the companies are defunct, so again that helps the situation.

    If in doubt, and it's for your own personal use, credit the person/company concerned, and if it's anything pretty recent it's always worth trying to contact them to ask for permission. PU is usually not a problem - even S4O, but if producing freebie images for download (collage or scrapbook sheets, blog backgrounds etc) you do need to be sure they are absolutely copyright-free.

    Anything royalty-free or Creative Commons is copyright free as I understand it, and any freebie sites are also OK to use. Google the subject and check online if you are very concerned.

    Hope this helps!


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