Want to know if your precious china is the Real Thing?

Check it out here!


  1. Thanks, that's a great little book to have when I go shopping thru my favorite Thrift Museums!

  2. I'll go check my Wedgewood now lol.
    Seriously, this is a very valuable guide to go shopping with, I appreciate your knowledge and generosity.

    LOVE your new background too. How pretty!

    Thanks Susie, hope you're doing well.


  3. My mama used to china paint. She taught me that if you hold a plate up to the light it should be somewhat translucent (well...as translucent as an opaque piece of matter can be!). You're supposed to see the light trying to come through it. That's how one can tell the difference between china and ceramic ware. You hold a piece of ceramic or non-china up to the light and you can't see nothing trying to come through it.

    My mama used this method when she'd go thrift shopping to build her collection of painting dishes.


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