I have just saved this picture to my own Photobucket account and re-uploaded it so that you can see it, as this picture has proved so popular it crashed Kitsune's site. There is now a blank instead of a picture, as all the downloads have exceeded her bandwidth quota! (I have already had to open a Pro account, so that isn't a problem for me).

If you go to a Photobucket site and want to save anything, please don't use the Direct Link code - you're using someone else's bandwidth.

Use the Image code, or copy to your own Photobucket site (where your own bandwidth will be used) or download it - but don't forget to acknowledge whose copyright it is, and always try provide a link where possible.

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  1. Just love the Witchee Poo and enjoyed walking thru your site, have a Happy, safe Hallow's eve.

  2. O.K. if I'm saying this twice, sorry...Have a Happy, safe All Hallows Eve and I enjoyed walking thru your site!

  3. now THAT'S super!

    happy halloween to you too!


  4. OOoo Happy Halloween.. but the witch.. well made me jump as it unfolded lol...

    Have fun! xx

  5. This pic is the coolest! I just found all your other blogs too and WOW!!! I can hardly wait to get more time so I can explore all your tutorials. You are so generous to share all your knowledge with us. Thank you so much; I know I will learn tons from studying some of your techniques. Have a great Thursday!

  6. Awesome Images. Love that Witch!!!

  7. Woow another one!!! Brilliant

    Liz xx

  8. I just found you via A Bohemian Market. I am lovin' what I see. Your pics are wonderful.
    Thank you so much

  9. How clever. Thanx for showing us.

  10. Appears that this photobucket account has gone over their bandwidth :-) This blog is great Susie; I'd never really explored it til tonight. There's so much here to play with. Thanks for sharing all this!


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