Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Here are more pages from The Best Way, my adored and very decrepit book on household hints etc. I am hurrying to post as much as I can - the paper is literally flaking away on the scanner! 

Copyright-free image from Art-e-zine

For more pages, go here and here.

Brittle isn't the word... still, it was cheaply made for the poor end of the market at the time (working class, servants, make-do-and-mend gentility) and the paper is so acidic it's a dark tea colour.

So here you are, 300dpi files (slow to load) and totally unretouched.

Have fun - I just ask that you don't put these in CD collections or collage sheets for sale.

Other than that, knock yourselves out.


  1. Well, I can't believe I just found you!
    What a wonderful place you have!
    Thanks so much!!!
    I have you bookmarked!!!!!!

  2. Actually I just added you to my sidebar!!!

  3. So fabulous! Thank you!

  4. Hi Susie! Glad you linked in at the ECS Cottage Cookin party. Love the vintage book. They're like little time capsules of vintage goodness.

  5. These old and crumbly books are treasures! Thanks so much for sharing the images of these pages! As you said, they are crumbling as you scan and they won't last much longer, which is too bad, really.


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