Monday, 28 September 2009


Victorian trading card (with a very boring advert for ovens on the back).


  1. Hi Susie! LOVE this one! She looks like a little doll! Hope you had a nice weekend! I'm doing a lot of baking with all the apples we just picked! One family member is "in the dog house" right now though.. Our cocker spaniel decided he would help himself to one of my freshly baked pies! He is NOT a popular fellow right now! I may post about it later, IF and when I can find the humor in it by then! (0; ~tina

  2. Don't tell me: he's been sick everywhere? BAAAAD doggie!

    Yes, she's a sweetie alright. I like Victorian children - they always draw nice expressions for them.

  3. So lovely! Thank you!

  4. Very sweet rendering of the girl, I also like children from the Victorian era..
    I wonder why they would use a young girl for an oven advert instead of a woman in apron or something..

    Thanks Susie!

  5. Victorians were very sentimental re children, and probably thought it was super-cute.

    This young lady is wearing a pinafore, which is like an overdress, to protect the outfit underneath. Poorer families would change the pinafore often, not the dress, to cut down wash & wear. Rich families would dress the children in very lacy pinafores to show status (handmade guipure lace etc).


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