Monday, 28 September 2009


Prescription labels, circa 1930.

These were the days olive oil was available on prescription! Considered to be useful only as ear drops (warmed, and applied one drop at a time) for chronic earache! No-one in the UK even knew you could use it for cooking.


  1. Love these!!!
    I'll have to print a few copies to show at the next Psychology convention.
    My mother bathed all 6 of us in olive oil as babies, in the 50's and 60's it was thought to insure a lifelong good complexion. So far my sissys and brother all have very nice skin.
    Now I hear Dr. Oz and other TV docs preach the many benefits of olive Oil, it must hold a lot of value after all.
    C'mon over Susie, I'll make us some EVOO martinis ;)


  2. Now that IS fascinating! Must have made you all slippery little souls though - hard to hold onto in the bath. I think my mother just stuck to baby lotion.

    I'd love martinis - what's EVOO?? Some things just don't translate to the UK, lol

  3. Oh.. well.. I was just teasing ya about an EVOO martini.
    EVOO is a cullinary term for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I kind of doubt you'd like a big drink of it. But the health benefits are amazing!
    Read here for health values;
    And for skin:
    Also Wikipedia has a nice list of the attributes for skin and health care:
    The martini offer still stands!!
    Susie, I'd be absolutely honored to make you some real martinis!!
    I can visualize a very giggly evening drinking with you lol.

  4. Hello, I'm new here, jumped from Loveleigh Treasures. These are fabulous! Just what I need for some antique bottles I found!These would be great on them!


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