Reprinted in the Brentford Informer, reporting on a Court appearance in 1910.

Don't you just love the stilted writing! I can just imagine the scene.


  1. Thank you for sharing this; very interesting and a story that begs to be told in images :-)

  2. It certainly does Theresain!

    The report is very dry, but you can just see the drama - all the screaming, the blood, the landlord's wife with the scissors, and then the Police Constable arresting the man for swearing... Our local paper has been printing a few of these, commemmorating its centenniel. I keep my eyes open for the best ones. This could well work as an altered book spread.

  3. Yep Susie, I can just imagine it LOL! Must have been much much more exciting than the writer made it sound. Can you imagine a televised report on this? "The prisoner" must have been drunk out of his sodding mind.

  4. LMAO - a vivid scene indeed.
    I hope you'll publish more!



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