Those nice people at Stampington have released some more freebies: the covers of three issues of School Arts magazine, which look to be 1920s-1930s vintage.

These are full sized images, so go and have fun with them.


  1. Thanks Susie for the link to the wonderful freebies! I just love your are such and inspiration. :)

  2. Had to see what was going on around all your sites. I love these graphics. I have several myself I would readily share.

    Is that Photoshop course dilemma rearing its ugly head again for me? I know I am going to have to learn that. (dragging me with heels dug in to class...)

  3. Susie.. I am so glad I stumbled across your site.. it is Fab!!! And many thanks for the beautiful images!


  4. You're entirely welcome!

    You know me: can't resist a good link ... and then of course I have to share! (My mum brought me up to play nicely, lol)

  5. I must agree with Gypsy nurse. Thank you so much for all your freebies, it is very generous of you. Narnt


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