Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Here's the most wonderful FREE link for printable 2010 calendars

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You can download as a Word doc (which means you can type in your own entries, then print it off) or as a downloadable PDF. There is also a wide choice of formats and layouts, including a wallet size.

And you can even print off the rest of 2009 - all ready for planning the party season.

I'll be working out which size would fit inside a Filofax-style organiser - it'll be so nice to type the entries (not only will they fit, I'll be able to read them too!)


  1. Wow, I love your blog! You have a wonderful background and header! I have added your button to my sidebar. I am so glad I found you. Thanks for sharing your images.

  2. Thank you a million times!
    For the 1st year in my adult life I didn't get a calender for the house or office. It used to be the norm to get several each year before companies quit sending them in order to reduce cost. It didn't even occur to me to buy one.
    These are quite nice, easy to do and have some pretty layouts as well.
    Can't wait to get to work in the morning and fill in the squares instead of relying on the un-sticky, sticky notes lol..


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