Thursday, 25 June 2009


No date on this, but I would think it was published probably late '30s/'40s.



This one was awarded as a School Prize to Master Dennis Hodges for Good Progress and Conduct.

(Master was the correct address back then for Young Gentlemen of Quality, and he would have been at Junior school, so probably under the age of 11.)

The only colour plate

This book contains stories which are very gung-ho, very stiff-upper-lip: telling tales of derring do at Public School (Americans would call this "private school").

This is when cricket was king, Games was compulsory (team spirit and all that) and One Did the Right Thing at all times.

I love the text under the sketches - hilarious!

Mind you, I've felt like doing exactly this to a lot of my artwork...

I hope you've noticed the prize money (below) in Guineas (1 Guinea = £1 and 1 shilling - in Proper Money, before we went decimal).

Back cover decal

Usual copyright rules apply - go and have fun!

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  1. your comments totally made this fun.


  2. I do try (some people say I'm very trying, lol). I like to be able to place the wheres and the whens of the pieces I find - it brings it to life for me.

  3. There is just something to be said for the illustrations and writing of books of years gone by... they are a real treat and should be treated that way.. shame youngsters today don't read your blog x

  4. He disfrutado viendo las portadas de libros de tu blog. Gracias por exponerlas. Un beso.

  5. My! What ATTRACTIVE websites... just discovered today. A delight to browse through!
    (Some of your freebies have just entered my 1930's 24th-scale dollshouse. Thank you, Susie. Look forward to further browsing...)

    1. Thank you kindly, and so glad the stuff is useful for you. I'd love to see a pic of the dolls house, sounds fabulous!


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