Saturday, 13 June 2009


Do you love old maps? I do!

Especially those ones with "Here be dragons" and weird fishes and little sailing ships drawn in the seas.

So here is the greatest link EVER: MAPSORAMA

Totally copyright-free - you can do what you like with those maps (I emailed to check before putting this link up).

Go on, knock yourselves out!

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  1. you find some really cool places and neat stuff. thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Are you not the best of the best? How can you stand living with your perfect self? LOL!

    Thanks so much. I'll have to start a post about your generosity because really, Susie, I don't think I have found anyone else so willing to share so much that is so cool! (I can TOO say "cool". I'm old enough!)


  3. Nancy! Oh puhleese... pass me the sick bag ... or just let me kill myself now!

    You know full well I'm like a magpie - anything that takes my interest ...

  4. Hi Susie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by on my first PS. I too loved the tea pots. I thought they were just the cutest ever, and I love birds. If I could have, I would have walked out of Michaels with every one of them. They were originally $19.99, so clearanced at $8.49 was a bargain. I am so thrilled that you loved my frogs. Not everyone loves a frog, but they each have such personality, and they fit into a garden so well. In my case they just hopped right back into the house, and have found all sorts of places to live. Thanks so much for the wonderful welcome to PS. I hope you will visit again, I know I will. "Country Hugs" from Country Wings in Phoenix, Sherry

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh super!

    I love to make my own envelopes, for my snail-mail correspondence, and these will be amazing.

    To Make Envelopes - Just print out a pic from the Net... Scotch tape up the sides, to make the body of envelope... fold over at top, to make the envelope flap... continue Scoth taping, to close it, after letter is inserted. :-) Make sure ahead of time, that it will comply with Postal size regulations, of course.

    'Aunt Amelia'
    Dear you, blog

  6. There's a good idea! Or use one of those templates you draw round.

    Just checked out your Dear You blog - NICE!

  7. Hi Susie!

    You're just the best! I always find such great stuff on your blog....I'm so happy!


  8. That u. I too love the old maps.
    Hugs from Oregon coast USA


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