Friday, 26 June 2009


Written by Mrs Marie Edwards, an Old India Hand (as they used to be called).

Copyright Quettabalochistan

The ladies of the old British Raj were a formidable bunch, very resourceful, expected to handle a large household including servants, in a totally foreign country with different climate, language and customs - yet still play Gracious Hostess, entertain and feed guests from two to a hundred at virtually a moment's notice.

This was the time of Somerset Maughan and Noel Coward, tea dresses, Pimms and white linen tablecloths on the lawn for picnics...

Take particular note of the remarks at the top of each menu section - I would have loved to meet Mrs Edwards in real life: she sounds such a character (pretty formidable, I'd say...).

You'll note that in this period of our history, the British Class system was alive and well (still is, unfortunately, but not as bad as it used to be) and views were definitely not PC!

I've had this cookbook a while; got it at a car boot sale. Published in 1933, it hasn't been treated kindly: loose pages and a hardcover in Hunting Pink (ie: red).

As you can see, the colour has run due to some water damage.Although in my view, it enhances the period feel.

I've scanned entire pages as you may want to print this off to make an actual book, or add pages into a loose-leaf recipe book etc. The jpgs are at 200dpi, large files, and unretouched - so do all your cropping, retouching, enhancing in one go - THEN save again. This way you won't lose any detail.

For those of you unused to playing around with your images: jpgs are lossy formula (each time you save, you lose a little definition, eg: a photocopy of a photocopy).

So if you do all of your editing in one hit, rather than saving after each process, you won't lose detail. Unfortunately, Blogger wouldn't accept me loading these as gifs: the files were too large.

Anyone actually trying these recipes? I'd love to hear how they turn out!

Have fun!

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Thursday, 25 June 2009


No date on this, but I would think it was published probably late '30s/'40s.



This one was awarded as a School Prize to Master Dennis Hodges for Good Progress and Conduct.

(Master was the correct address back then for Young Gentlemen of Quality, and he would have been at Junior school, so probably under the age of 11.)

The only colour plate

This book contains stories which are very gung-ho, very stiff-upper-lip: telling tales of derring do at Public School (Americans would call this "private school").

This is when cricket was king, Games was compulsory (team spirit and all that) and One Did the Right Thing at all times.

I love the text under the sketches - hilarious!

Mind you, I've felt like doing exactly this to a lot of my artwork...

I hope you've noticed the prize money (below) in Guineas (1 Guinea = £1 and 1 shilling - in Proper Money, before we went decimal).

Back cover decal

Usual copyright rules apply - go and have fun!

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Saturday, 13 June 2009


Do you love old maps? I do!

Especially those ones with "Here be dragons" and weird fishes and little sailing ships drawn in the seas.

So here is the greatest link EVER: MAPSORAMA

Totally copyright-free - you can do what you like with those maps (I emailed to check before putting this link up).

Go on, knock yourselves out!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Those lovely people at Stampington have just released a set of 5 freebie vintage wallpapers for you to download and play with!

Just right-click to Save Image As onto your own computer. I'm thinking these are perfect for layering vintage cards - and ATCs of course!

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Today's offering is text-based: several cabinet card backs, the frontispiece of an old book and people listed on the back of an old photograph.

Lovely script writing, great fonts, useful frames...

At high res, big files, hack 'em up, copy portions - do what you like with them for personal use or art for sale! (exceptions are in the copyright rules are in the sidebar).

It's amazing how anything written in fountain pen ink or pencil doesn't fade...

Have fun! I'd love to see what you make with any of the images on my Freebies page.

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Monday, 8 June 2009


Here's a load of genuine postage stamps for cat lovers!

I know you were feeling left out....

As always, allow time for the page to load, right-click to copy to your hard drive, and have fun!

Copyright info is in the sidebar.

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