Monday, 27 April 2009


These vintage Peter Pan playing cards are late Victorian/early Edwardian, and are a part set I found in the same little Richmond antique & bric-a-brac shop.

These would have been used to play Happy Families, in sets of 4. What I find particularly interesting is the original artist visualised the book so differently from Disney... but of course, he would have seen the original Barrie play.

As always, left-click for the full size picture, then right-click to Save As into your My Pictures folder. Do whatever you like with them (including items for sale) as long as you don't use them for commercial collage sheets or CD collections.

Aren't they good fun!

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  1. Very cool! I'd seen the Hook one before but never (ha!) any of the others. Thanks for posting them. I have a Peter Pan related item to show you, too. :)

    It's the ONLY faithful Peter Pan adventure other than Barrie's... and is in fact based on his idea for more. Just click my name :)


  2. WOW!!! These are so unique!!! Love the mermaid card.What a neat bric a brac store you get to go to. I visited your other blog and invited you to my Give Away. I just love this sharing attitude out here in Bloglandia!!! I am going to take your First Floor Freebies button and place it on my blog.
    Come visit when you have a moment.

  3. Hello Susie ~ I found your link at Patricia's Pretty Passe blog. So much wonderful eye candy, thank you SO much for sharing!

  4. Hi Susie, I found this through an American friend who I met on a class on line. I realize that you and I met some years ago when I attended a class you ran at Blade Rubber Stamps! What a lovely collection of playing cards you have and how generous. :)

    1. Hi Julie
      Talks about a small world, lol. So glad you like the cards - have fun with them. Lovely to hear from you, Hugs etc


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