Tuesday, 14 April 2009


A Victorian postcard of a dancer.

Also from my private collection.

Very elegant!

As always, allow time for the high resolution image to load up.

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  1. Gorgeous Susie you have some stunning pictures
    Hugs June xxx

  2. Hi Susie! What fun your pictures are!! Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for coming to visit my blog during my "Celebrating Marie Antoinette" event. I appreciated your comments and it's so nice to meet others who are also interested in our dear Antoinette! Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy

  3. Hi Susie, what a fabulous collection of photographs. Thankyou for sharing and have a lovely day

  4. Hey Susie
    I adore vintage images so I'm glad I found your fre ones here.Thankyou so much for them.Also when I went to your blogger profile it was like reading about my interests and likes.
    Annette in Oz

  5. We must be twins separated at birth, that's all! (and maybe a decade or two, lol). I adore vintage images too - and it's nice to have new ones to play with that you don't see everywhere.

    I'm always straight over to any stalls in antique markets, jumble sales & car boot sales that look like they might have books/photos/cabinet cards/ anything vintagey and interesting.

  6. Hi Susie,
    The picture with the girl wearing the white hat is not from Bruges in Belgium but from Zeeland. A province in the Netherlands. The two squares beside her head are made in GOLD. Married women where allowed to wear one on the left side of her head. Unmarried girls wore it on the right side of their head. Women who breastfed their children where allowed to wear those gold ornaments on both sides of their head. Nowadays there are still women in the Netherlands wearing these clothes. Here are some URL's where you can find more about them:



    My name is Hélène and I live in Hasselt Belgium.

    I hope you'll like it to discover these things about The Netherlands, which was the country where my father was born.
    Lovely greetings,


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