Friday, 24 April 2009


These are vintage miniature French playing cards (circa 19th century) which I bought in an antique shop in Richmond, Surrey (UK).

As always, these are huge files so click for the full-size picture, then allow time for them to load.

They were scanned at high res, so you should have plenty of scope for playing around in graphics programmes, and a decent quality of print..

Some of the cards were in better condition than others, so here you have most of the Court cards, the Jester and one of the reverse views, plus the Aces. Note the pips are a little different in style to modern-day cards.

These are scanned at actual size, so are perfect for altered books, journals and the like.

Richmond is well-known for antiques: being built beside the River Thames and just downriver from Hampton Court Palace, a lot of the courtiers lived here - now we have stars like Mick Jagger!

So the stores exist: interior design, giftware, specialist cookery - and tons of antique and bric-a-brac shops, tucked down little winding side lanes...

There are also lots of little tea/coffee shops where you can catch your breath (or an olde worlde pub if you are so inclined, some over 250 years old, and not much changed) - perfection!

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  1. These are gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing them :-)

  2. Great site, great pieces.. and a big thank you!!!!



  3. Oh Oh Oh I am getting so excited. These are gorgeous and I can't wait to use them. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hello Susie,

    I used some cards in a banner I made. I can´t post you the link, though :( It is the first post in my blog at the moment.

    Thanks again for sharing these goodies!

  5. Sorry I forgot to mention your name on my site, I changed it now. Thank you for your patience :-)

  6. HI Valerianas

    Don't stress! Just so pleased you are having fun with these.

  7. These are just wonderful. I have a free, mini-scrap kit on my blog - all altered art - that I think would compliment this set. Love it!

  8. Oh, Susie, these are "to die for"! Last year we studied the 19th century in our home school co-op. These would have been soooo fun to share with the students. But I will have fun using them in my altered art. I am going to make my very first trip to Europe in May - we are traveling to Scotland and England. I'd love to get a chance to check out some of the places you mentioned on this post.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed these! Yes, do visit Richmond if you get a chance - lovely shops!

  10. Fantastic, fabulous, amazing! thank you again, dear Susie!

  11. These are awesome thank you for sharing these and all of your amazing talent!!

  12. These are wonderful, thank-you, will use in a future art project :)


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