THE BEST WAY - BOOK circa 1890

These images are all raw scans, totally unretouched. The paper is very brittle and yellowing, the cover has spots and stains. To me, it's part of the charm!

Click on each picture for a full-size image at a high resolution, so they will take time to load. Right-click to copy to your own hard drive.

Clothing care

Do whatever you like with these images, including producing work for sale. However, these images are for private use only, and not for sale as part of a commercial CD or collage sheet.

Tips on cleaning marble

Tips on cleaning tigerskin rugs!

Aaah, the days of the old British Raj! Tiger hunts and tiffin on the lawn with the Mem Sah'b!


  1. wonderful collections! This is a flash back of some interesting things. Thanks for the collections

  2. Susie,
    I just went through all your posts!
    What a wonderful offering s for us.
    thanks you so much!!


    barbara jean

  3. Hi! We've just rediscovered our "The Best Way Book - No 3" and I've been scanning some of the pages.

    Differences between yours and mine: well, yours is red and mine's blue! It was still 6d though and with exactly the same cover picture and layout. By the time mine came out, the number of hints had risen to 1200!

    It also seems to have been extensively re-written though, as none of your sections are duplicated in mine.

    You say yours was from 1890 - how did you find that out? Mine has a section in it on wartime cooking and it talks about our boys in khaki and in blue, so I'm guessing it means the 'Great War'.

    Anyway, like yours, ours is slowly crumbling at some of the inside seams, so I may start to photo the inside pages rather than scan them. Who knows? :)


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