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Beehive Baby Book - knitting pattern

Here's a lovely little booklet of knitting patterns for babies, circa 1940s. I've scanned the front and back covers.

I've also scanned one of the patterns (they weren't in the best condition, so I've enhanced this a little as best I could) so anyone who wants to tackle it should be able to download it and be able to follow the instructions.

The 1/- on the front cover is the price: one shilling, which is now equivalent to 5 pence (UK) or 7 cents (US). Just thought you'd like to know, lol.

All the scans are 300dpi, so if you're downloading do allow some time as the files are huge. As always, right-click to copy, then Save to your computer.


The Cocktail Cabinet - Liqueur adverts

From Theatregoer magazine, published December 1935
 Below, I've cropped the header and ads for you individually.


I've added the recipe for the Harvard Cocktail into a deco-style frame. I've given you both png (transparent background) and a jpg image (better for printing off and cutting out).

If you use these, I'd be very happy if you would credit me.

Passport 1883

Very old, reprinted in an old book I have, so not the sharpest copy unfortunately. I've enhanced this for you as much as I'm able, so I hope it's of use. As always, right-click to copy, then save to your own computer.

Sheet music

This one is very old - no date, but I'd just around 1900s
I'd say this is dated around 1920s-30s, as far as I can judge
1890s, and the first sheet of music is on the reverse (below)
Unusual, in that this sheet music is in a landscape layout


I've upcycled this book into a handmade journal - and am using the covers exactly as they are (although I may change the title). It's sewn over tapes, which is what you can see here (slits in the cover). I'll be adding more illustrations as I scan them.


I was rather horrified by these at first - this could totally traumatise a small child - then remembered they can be little savages, so will probably love them!

These are completely un-retouched, scanned at 300dpi. Right-click to bring up to full size, then left-click to save to your computer.
  • You CAN do as you like with them, create items for sale etc
  • You CAN NOT include for sale in image collections, collage sheets, make rubber stamps or brushes


Carolyn Harrison - Scripture Examination 1968
A book prize, awarded to Carolyn Harrison from Haven Green Baptist Church.


Here's a fabulous bodice-ripper, full of deathless prose, lol. Great cover, date around 1950s/early 1960s (pre-decimal currency anyway).

The book cost 6 shillings, which works out to around 35p in today's currency - for a hardback! How times have changed, lol.

I've also included the spine as these are great for bookmarks, and edging detail in journals.

Here's the inner cover plus end flaps - the blurb could be great for jouralling!

Finally, the centre cut out, so you have this as a texture - or a great start for a background where you need the crease for the spine. Print out a pile of these, join at the spine for an instant book!

All of these are at 300dpi, unretouched.... have fun!


I always love pix of crayons etc - somehow, they're so artistic and rather nice to space a blog post or three. So I got my camera out and shot a few!

Free for you to use for whatever you'd like (it would be nice if you credit me, please). Just left-click to enlarge, then right-click to save to your computer.


Copyright Susie Jefferson
I used a copyright-free frame I found online, then a bit of photoshop magic to create this digital ATC. The elements used are also copyright-free and/or commercial use. I've added a plaid overlay, layered in a vintage advert, popped a photo on top and gone in with some stitching etc.  If you'd like to use it, please do! Could be fun on a menu page etc.

JPEG IMAGE - Not my copyright - I found this online.
Here's the original - I found this old frame on one of the copyright free sites - and don't know who to credit it to - so if it's yours, please tell me so that I can add the correct copyright information.

PNG - transparent centre
PNG image, white centre
PNG - black centre

I've photoshopped these frames for you: a png with a transparent background and centre, so you can add any image you like. Two other pngs, one with a white centre and one with a black one, so you can layer in any graphics programme.

Copyright Susie Jefferson
And another digital ATC - again, use it if you'd like to.

Much fun!


Handwritten notes inside the fly leaf of 'The China Collector's Pocket Companion' 1874

Book plate, 1925
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